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Optimized and innovative control and monitoring solution, for transcritical CO2 booster systems

Client’s site is a medium size supermarket, located in the Italian Alps, North of Venice. The focus was to support the customer’s desire to switch towards a natural refrigerant system, while facing the most common challenges: efficiency versus complexity of the system and its maintenance costs.

  • As a result of the mild temperatures of the location, the system designer opted for a transcritical CO2 booster system which incorporates a liquid ejector.
  • Emerson developed an innovative electronics ecosystem, XeCO2 hosting the functionalities required to support the ejector’s special requirements.
  • Installed into the transcritical CO2 booster system of the supermarket, XeCO2 ‘s main objective was reached: delivering the expected savings and preserve the system reliability, by coping with continuous fluctuations of operative conditions. The constant bi-directional communication among supervisory system, compressor rack controls and refrigerated display case controls, allowed to maximize the benefit of the liquid injector, while preserving the reliability of the entire system.
  • Case controls feed data to the supervisor that defines when there is room to increase the evaporation temperature and save energy. After that condition is verified, a setpoint change is dispatched to the compressor rack control, in charge of maintaining the desired evaporation temperature. This also applies in the opposite direction when there is a need for more refrigeration capacity, at the expense of increased energy use.
  • The rack controller monitors that there is a regular flow of refrigerant back to the compressors, imposing changes to the case controls, to preserve the system reliability.
  • Featuring an easy setup and user-friendly interface, the XeCO2 supervisor helped the client to have easy remote access to the refrigeration system and to optimize the control system for energy efficiency and overall reliability.

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  • CO2 as natural refrigerant solution
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Innovative algorithm that allows staged heat recovery for sanitary water and heating purposes
  • Safe, reliable operation of the system – compressor protection
  • Flexible control system, applicable to most of the already existing CO2 architectures
  • Electronics ecosystem fully optimized for the CO2 natural refrigerant
  • Reduced maintenance activities on the system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy setup
  • Remote access

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