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Leading French manufacturer of commercial kitchens commits to low GWP refrigerant

The F-Gas Regulation has accelerated the search for long-term refrigerant options to address the replacement of the high global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant R-404A and to reduce the environmental impact of refrigeration equipment. Always with an eye on technology, Tournus Equipment discovered the low GWP refrigerant Solstice® L40X (R-455A), which is in line with the F-Gas Regulation’s ban of refrigerants with a GWP above 150 in large centralised commercial refrigeration equipment as of 2022, while only having a low flammability.

  • Over 2500 installations sold since January 2018
  • R-455A has the same thermodynamic performance as R-404A in terms of discharge temperature, lower power consumption (-10%) and a coefficient of performance (COP) equivalent to R-290.
  • The flammability limit of R-455A is 11 times higher than that of propane: The lower flammability limit (LFL) of R-455A is relatively high, at 11.8% (431 g/m3). It is the minimum concentration of the product that needs to be achieved in the air in order to have a potentially flammable gas mixture (and only if the other relevant conditions are also met at the same time). The upper flammability limit (UFL) is 12.9% (462 g/m3). This means that the potentially flammable concentration range (the difference between LFL and UFL) is only 1.1%.

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  • Providing an offer with a long-term solution now fully satisfies Tournus Equipement customers who are becoming increasingly demanding in their specifications for fluids with low environmental impact.  Real prescription and training work is carried out by the manufacturer’s sales force to inform the market and implement Solstice® R-455A in new installations.

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