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Heat Pump Chiller System to provide free cooling for dairy products at Dry Hill Farm in the UK

  • Buckley and Son (Watson Dairy) based in Huddersfield process 1,000,000 litres of milk and cream per week at their Dry Hill Farm processing factory. Calibrate Energy Engineering has developed a unique, energy efficient agricultural solution utilising a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump chiller system, which provides free cooling to chill the milk produced at the Farm.
  • A 998kW heat pump for heating and cooling (Heat Chill Technology) has been installed with 26km of in-ground pipework to benefit from the UK Government backed 20 years RHI scheme.
  • The heat pump pre-heats the pasteurisation process and the packing sheds and provides hot water.
  • Fully automated solution to provide efficient heating and cooling, maximising and monitoring every aspect of the system via an in-house designed and built remote access control system.

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  • The free by-product of the (RHI-earning) heating process is cooling used to provide the chilling of the milk, cream and cold store.
  • To maintain the required chilling by-product, 50,000 litres of water for the factory processes per day are heated. When the heat pump is operating in heating mode, there is 100% fossil fuel replacement.
  • The Heat Chill technology is also controlled by a bespoke solution enabling remote monitoring of the entire system.

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