Transport Refrigeration

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Energy efficiency in transport refrigeration to ensure a safe and adequate coldchain

  • Refrigerated transport is essential to ensure that perishable goods arrive safely from farm to fork. With increasing urbanisation – by 2050 it is expected that 80% of Europe’s population will live in urban areas – the need for a well-functioning food cold chain will increase as well. From energy efficiency and refrigerants through to regulations on engines and air pollution, often at city level, transport refrigeration is facing a triple challenge. Manufacturers have to address emissions from refrigerants, CO2 and particles from the engine, provide high energy efficiency and ensure low noise emissions. At the same time, they are expected to remain cost-effective.
  • High performance Carrier Transicold Vector ® HE refrigeration unit for trailers
  • Optimised components at all levels such as highly efficient microchannel heat exchanger, multi-speed engine control, management of all actuators and sensors to optimise refrigerant flow and temperature control

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  • Up to 30% reduced fuel consumption
  • Light weight (up to -10%) and quite operation (-3dB(A))
  • Improved refrigerant containment with reduced leak rates by up to 50% versus conventional systems using standard technology

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